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Jaquar 2 Way Bib Cock with Wall Flange SOL-CHR-6041

1,900.00 1,606.00

Jaquar Angular Stop Cock with Flange SOL-CHR-6053

1,200.00 1,045.00

Jaquar Bib Cock (Straight Line Model) with Wall Flange SOL-CHR-6047

1,425.00 1,207.00

Jaquar Exposed Part Kit of Concealed Stop Cock & Flush Cock with Fitting Sleeve, Operating Lever & Adjustable Wall Flange with Seal (compatible with ALD-083, ALD-089 & ALD-081) SOL-CHR-6083K

625.00 523.00

Jaquar 1 – Hole Bidet Mixer with Popup Waste System with 375mm Long Braided Hoses SOL-CHR-6613B

4,500.00 3,810.00

Jaquar 3-Hole Basin Mixer with Popup Waste System, 15mm Cartridge Size SOL-CHR-6191

5,450.00 4,617.00

Jaquar 3-Hole Basin Mixer without Popup Waste System, 15mm Cartridge Size SOL-CHR-6189

4,750.00 3,819.00

Jaquar 4-Way Divertor for Concealed Fitting with Built-in Non-Return Valves with Divertor Handle SOL-CHR-6421

2,550.00 2,147.00

Jaquar Bath Tub Filler Consisting of 2 Control Cocks and One Spout, 20mm Cartridge Size SOL-CHR-6095

4,800.00 4,066.00

Jaquar Bath Tub Mixer (Exposed Adjustable Legs) with Telephone Shower Arrangement & Crutch SOL-CHR-6271

6,100.00 5,149.00

Jaquar Bib Cock (Angular Shape) with Wall Flange SOL-CHR-6037

1,450.00 1,216.00

Jaquar Bowl for Coupled WC with PP soft close seat cover, Hinges, Fixing Accessories and Accessories Set SLS-WHT-6751P180PP

6,790.00 5,919.00