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Jaquar 2 Way Bib Cock with Wall Flange FON-CHR-40041

1,947.00 1,603.62

Jaquar 4-Way Divertor for Concealed Fitting with Built-in Non-Return Valves with Divertor Handle FON-CHR-40421

3,127.00 2,712.82

Jaquar Angular Stop Cock with Wall Flange FON-CHR-40053

1,150.50 964.06

Jaquar Bib Cock with Wall Flange FON-CHR-40037

1,740.50 1,469.10

Jaquar Concealed 4-Way Divertor Set with Hot & Cold Concealed Stop Cock with Built-in Non-Return Valves (Composite One Piece Body) FON-CHR-40427

6,726.00 5,672.26

Jaquar Exposed Part Kit of Concealed Stop Cock & Flush Cock with Fitting Sleeve, Operating Lever & Adjustable Wall Flange with Seal (compatible with ALD-083, ALD-089 & ALD-081) FON-CHR-40083K

649.00 572.30

Jaquar Exposed Part Kit of Single Concealed Stop Cock Consisting of Operating Lever, Cartridge Sleeve, Wall Flange (with Seals) & Basin Spout (Compatible with ALD-441) FON-CHR-40441K

2,006.00 1,703.92

Jaquar Exposed Part Kit of Single Lever Basin Mixer Wall Mounted Consisting of Operating Lever, Wall Flange, Nipple & Spout (Suitable For Item ALD-233 & ALD-235) FON-CHR-40233K

3,599.00 2,926.40

Jaquar Exposed Parts of Floor Mounted Single Lever Bath Mixer with Provision for Hand Shower (without Hand Shower & Shower Hose) (Compatible with ALD-121) FON-CHR-40121K

47,790.00 36,903.32

Jaquar Pillar cock FON-CHR-40011

2,006.00 1,703.92

Jaquar Pillar Cock with 140mm Extension Body FON-CHR-40021

2,655.00 2,119.28

Jaquar Single Lever 3-inlet Divertor Exposed parts kit Consisting of Operating Lever, Wall Flange & Button Only (Suitable For Item ALD-193) FON-CHR-40193K

1,888.00 1,603.62